Preventing Office Illness in Winter
9 November 2017

We’re already in November and winter is most certainly here. Sadly, whenever winter arrives, it’s accompanied by an epidemic of sniffles, sneezes, blocked noses and raised temperatures. This is because winter’s the time we swaddle ourselves in layers,…

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Workplace Pests
16 October 2017

No one wants a pest infestation. It’s unhygienic, causes hassle and can actually have severe consequences. Sadly, wherever there are people, there is normally food, dirt and bacteria. This means that a lot of businesses will have pest problems…

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Healthcare Hygiene: Hospitals & Staff Education
18 August 2017

The scrutiny applied to hospital hygiene practices sometimes causes healthcare professionals to overlook the basics of healthcare hygiene.  Everyday surfaces and non-invasive equipment require frequent and targeted sterilisation but they are often…

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Poor Office Hygiene Loses You Sales
20 July 2017

Poor office hygiene is extremely damaging to businesses. In addition to the numerous health risks of an unclean office, an unhygienic working environment can have a disastrous effect on business reputation. Ultimately, poor office hygiene can lose…

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The Germy Grind
26 June 2017

The horrifying reality that we all ignore: our desks are absolutely swarming with bacteria. We all know it but we choose to pretend it is untrue because we cannot see germs. Out of sight, out of mind, right? We also assume that the hygiene of our co-workers…

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