How to Clean Your Computer Hardware
9 February 2018

Why do I need to physically clean my computer? There are so many reasons why you should clean your computer hardware. Firstly, it’s covered in germs. In our recent cleaning blog, ‘How Clean Are…

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How Clean Are Your Co-Workers?
8 January 2018

You can’t always tell how hygienic someone is, but you can always tell how hygienic someone isn’t. You notice if a colleague leaves the bathroom without washing their hands. You grimace at the dirt under a co-worker’s fingernails as they pass…

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An Untidy Office is Productivity's Enemy
7 December 2017

As a cleaning company, you might think we’re biased. We’re not, we just know the truth about the impacts an unclean office environment can have on business productivity. It has been proven, time and time again, that…

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Preventing Office Illness in Winter
9 November 2017

We’re already in November and winter is most certainly here. Sadly, whenever winter arrives, it’s accompanied by an epidemic of sniffles, sneezes, blocked noses and raised temperatures. This is because winter’s the time we swaddle ourselves in layers,…

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Workplace Pests
16 October 2017

No one wants a pest infestation. It’s unhygienic, causes hassle and can actually have severe consequences. Sadly, wherever there are people, there is normally food, dirt and bacteria. This means that a lot of businesses will have pest problems…

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